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Red-light cameras
Friday, 08 April 2011 08:33

Most of you already know that Sunrise is planning on installing 4 red light cameras at different intersections on Flamingo Rd. There will also be red light cameras at some of the other intersections in Sunrise. A recent article in Sun-Sentinel states that red-light cameras do not improves safety according to Fort Lauderdale accident data.

Another article in Sun-Sentinel a month or so ago described how Pembroke Pines has been spending more money defending it's case against purported red-light runners than it has been racking in. Hopefully this is something Sunrise commissioners will read on and take into account and not just assume that the data provided by red-light cameras vendor is correct. The installation of red-light cameras will begin after April 10, 2011.

For example, the intersections of the feeder roads with the Sawgrass Mills Circle (the perimeter road around the mall) can be converted to "round-abouts" thus eliminating stop signs and backups as well as dangerous left-hand turns. For example, driving toward the mall on the Azzure Alley in the right lane, you will be forced to turn right. If you are in the left lane, you will continue, after YIELDING, around the circle and head south/west on the Sawgrass Mills Circle. This will improve traffic flow, decrease accidents and will be more pleasing aesthetically than the current intersections.

Read more about red-light cameras here:

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