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Go With Vonage For Your Phone Service

When was the last time you used your home phone (aka landline)? Probably not in a while. Or, if you have, you most likely don't use it often enough. Everyone's got a cell phone now - so why pay up to $50 per month for an old technology you may not even need?

Well, as antique as the landline phone service may seem, some of us still have legitimate uses for it. It can be

  • a backup for a dead cell phone
  • a fix for the poor cell reception in the Tao buildings
  • a reliable extra line for business use
  • a way to send a receive faxes

There is only one problem with it: It costs too much for the little use it gets. However, there is a solution: in today's connected world, the Internet comes to the rescue. Skype, Google Voice and MagicJack are in widespread use now. But they too have a problem: They tie you to your PC. You have to keep your PC on and be near it to make use of those services.

And this is where Vonage comes in:

  • It provides crystal-clear voice quality over the Internet directly into your standard house phone.
  • It has more features than even the most loaded "old-style" phone service.
  • It allows free international calls to Canada and most countries in Europe and South America. 

And best of all, it is only $25.99 per month, with taxes and fees lower than those for the regular phone service. If you are ready to give Vonage a try (and get onto the current promotion), This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your email address for a personal referral / invitation.


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