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Written by Dima   
Sunday, 20 February 2011 19:00


Urban Sawgrass is a new community website for residents, business owners and visitors of the still developing downtown around Sawgrass Mills Mall. The 'Community' is a group of people interested in seeing the Sawgrass Mills "downtown" area develop, grow and prosper. This site has been developed by a Tao owner and resident and is designed to promote the building, the surrounding communities and businesses to current and potential residents, business owners, developers, investors and, of course, visitors. We, the residents around Sawgrass Mills Mall would like to see the neighborhood transformed into a vibrant downtown, similar to what City of Sunrise envisioned almost 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the implementation of that vision has been derailed by the economic downturn. This site will, hopefully, help put that vision back on track and the proposed developments of Metropica, Westerra, Everglades Corporate Park, and City of Oz wil rise from the ground.

Here you will find a constant source of information and latest news on the neighborhood and developments around the neighborhood such as store openings and (unfortunately) closings, park events, real estate for sale and rent and local issues. Learn about Urban Sawgrass residential communities and businesses, and see what's in the pipeline and learn why our neighborhood makes sense for you as a resident, business owner or both. At times, we'll venture outside Urban Sawgrass bordesr, when I feel the info would be of value to the reader. An example of such topic and in order to promote local arts and entertainment we'll cover the events at Sunrise Lakes Phase 4 Theater. The website promises original feature articles, community stories, learning topics, and project updates as soon as they happen. Bear with us as we improve and grow.

Whether you are a local business owner, current or potential resident, visitor or a city employee, I invite all interested parties, to join and provide your content, feedback and opinions. Let's work together to make Urban Sawgrass and City of Sunrise vision come true. Lets make Urban Sawgrass for community, by community. Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions or any other matter on your mind.

This site is fully paid-for by its owner and currently collects no profit from any advertisements or businesses listed here. So far I have received no material benefit other than the satisfaction of seeing the area improve, grow and become more and more desirable to visitors and residents alike. The ads that you see here will hopefully pay for expenses related to hosting a website.


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