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Diary of Abuse
Written by Leslie   

From time to time we will feature guest bloggers on our site. Their thoughts, opinions and feelings
will be displayed along the Urban Sawgrass content you came to know and expect. Meet Leslie, a student, and check out her Diary of Abuse piece below.
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Diary of Abuse

Everybody knows that “sticks and stones can break my bones but words can do me no harm". Words cause harm- emotionally it is an abyss that many face.
It is important to recognize verbal, emotional and physical abuse.

My abuser said these to me:

1.“ You add no value to my life”
2. “You are stupid”
3. “I fixed you” “You are a slave to other people”
4. “ I understand how you feel but your feelings are not right”
5. “You know nothing outside your field”
6. “In your current state, who would marry that……”
7. “You slept with men knowing that they would not marry you”
8. “Face yourself, cut yourself open”
9. “You use sex to cope with you”
10. “Anyone who does anything significant in life does not watch TV”
11. “Any respectable woman will not talk about sex”
12. “You are warring with yourself”
13. “You don’t value me or my time?”
14. “If you want to know if person is fruitful, look at their bank account”
15. “No other man was equipped to deal with you”
16. “What you do is not more important than what I do?”
17. “You indulged in your profession in order to not face yourself”
18. “You going out and clubbing was a coping strategy for the absence of a husband”
19. “You were always better in your past relationship so they could not make you better.”
20. “Education does not make you smart; I know a lot of educated dummies”
21. “Your business ideas are for selfish reasons”
22. “Cut yourself open to fix you”
23. “ You think being skinny is sexy”
24. “You will never have my heart”
25. “You have too many internal struggles”
26. “ You have to be trainable to be my wife”





0 #1 Jen 2012-07-12 20:56
Thank you for sharing your story...

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