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Where to Shop for Groceries


Even though Sawgrass Mills Mall and it's huge and empty parking lot is right in the middle of Urban Sawgrass, our neighborhood is still fairly easy to walk and bike. Those of you living at Sawgrass Reserve do have a longer walk or ride to Publix and/or Target though.



Mainly, Urban Sawgrass residents have three options to shop for groceries if you live around Sawgrass Mills Mall. There is a Publix Supermarkets located on Sunrise Blvd across from the mall and a SuperTarget with a large grocery section including including Deli, Bakery and fresh produce. Walmart's Sam's Club is also located on Sunrise Blvd, about a half mile west of Publix. While it offers another option for grocery shopping in the neighborhood, everything they sell comes in large/bulk quantities, which generally would not be convenient for those leaving at Tao and some at Artesia considering the fact that condos usually offer less storage space than single family homes or townhouses.

Most people of course shop at Publix but from my experience, Target's prices are LOWER than Publix's regular prices. Target will match a competitor's price but will not match Buy One, Get One Free deals (BOGO). Publix on the other hand, will not only match a competitor's price but will also accept a manufacturer's coupon AND a competitor's coupon on the same item. Each Publix has different competitors depending on it's location and proximity of other stores to it. Our Publix, on Sunrise Blvd, will take coupons from Target, Winn-Dixie ,and Doris. To get the most out of your shopping trip to Publix, visit I heart Publix blog and check out a full list of Publix sale items that week as well as where and how to get a coupon for that item.

Winn-Dixie is another grocery shopping located on SR.84 between Flamingo and Hiatus Roads. However, it is not as convinient to most residents at Urban Winn-Dixie's prices are higher than Target or even Publix. Also, to get a lower price but one that is not always competitive, you have to sign up for their savings card by providing name, address and phone number. Some of the Winn-Dixie stores around Broward County have been converted to a cleaner and more upscale environment. The WInn-Dixie on SR84 is undergoing that transition now. So those of you looking for a Fresh Market, or Whole foods type experience might find this to be a better option. Doris Italian Supermarket located on Nob Hill Rd and Sunset Strip is another option although one that definately requires drdiving, just like Winn-Dixie. It is a small store but features a deli, bakery and fresh produce. The store is too small to be considered a true competitor in my opinion but they have a good selection of cold cuts, chesees, and sweet desserts. You can often find a $5 off $50 coupon in Sun-Sentinel which can be used at PUblix.

Walmart, conveniently located between Publix and SuperTarget as of this moment offers a very small and poor selection of grocery items but is supposed to be converted to feature a full grocery and produce selection, similar to Target, by the end of 2012. Publix does not accept any of Walmart's coupons as they are not considered a competitor but Target will match their prices. I usually do not shop at Walmart as it is not a very pleasant store to shop at due to it's clientele and their choice of associates.

It is unfortunate that Urban Sawgrass does not have such shopping options as WHole Foods, Fresh Market, or Aldi. Both Whole Foods and Fresh Market are of course expensive but offer a interesting, tasty and healthy selection of items, including organic. it should be said that, Target and Publix also offer organic items to be fair.  Aldi, a German grocer has been opening 40k sq ft stores around broward county. They do not sell brand name items only their own branded items, but the prices accordingly are lower. Many of their items go into rotation meaning, once the item is sold, its not available anymore or might appear later in a year under a different "brand" name. Aldi's fresh/frozen meats are also significantly cheaper than Publix or Target. Their chocolate bars for example state dark chocolate but only about 45% dark however everyone i asked has said the bar tastes great and its even a better deal at it's price of $1.50 or so.

Not sure, when or if we'll ever see Whole Foods, Fresh Market or Aldi around Sawgrass Mills but it sure would be nice to have yet another grocery shoppin option especially within walking distance of Tao, Artesia and Sawgrass Preserve.




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