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Sawgrass Mills for Cruise Passengers E-mail
Written by Leon   


Thousands of cruise passengers arrive to or depart from Port Everglades - one of the largest leisure cruise ports in the world - daily. Sawgrass Mills Mall, located on the opposite end of Broward County from Fort Lauderdale and its cruise port, may seem to be out of touch for sea-going visitors.



The reality is, the mall and its hundreds of stores and attractions is an easy commute from the cruise terminals. Even though it is located about 10 miles away, it is virtually a straight shot down I-595 expressway. That distance can be easily covered in a rental car and is serviced by numerous taxi, limo and charter bus providers. The mall is also a stop in some offshore excursions.

The drive down I-595 takes you through an "urban canyon" flanked by numerous shopping centers, shops and restaurants. Just behind the retail zone are located numerous suburban communities including Hawk's Landing, the home of many local celebrities.

If you were to miss your Flamingo Road exit, you would very soon end up beyond the developed area on the so-called Alligator Alley in Everglades. That road is part of the I-75 highway and is one of the very few roads that takes you straight across Florida to the Gulf of Mexico. But that's a whole other trip. For now, you are making a stop at one of the largest outlet malls in the country. While you can't take a crocodile home with you, you sure can find something for everyone at Sawgrass Mills Mall.



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